Marketing Segment: Leisure

Strategies for 2021:

  • Target drivable regional markets (1-5-hour drive time) including Indianapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Grand Rapids and other markers based on testing
  • Amplify the message that Detroit is a sophisticated, authentic and safe city that is a perfect weekend getaway destination
  • Focus messaging on audiences most likely to visit Detroit (despite COVID-19) – Trendy Travelers and Friends and Family




  • Heavy lower-funnel digital ads focused tightly on key audiences and markets
  • Expedia/, extended to 12-month continuous program
  • ADARA, enhance from three-month campaign to 2019 to 6-month campaign for 2020
  • SOJERN, new vendor delivering traveler path-to-purchase digital marketing campaign targeting travelers through prospect, smart and contextual targeting
  • Digital DTOX/DStress program (following up on successful 2020 program)
  • Paid social utilizing platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter targeting personas, geography, and timing
  • Paid search which is a continuation of 2020 program in alignment with SEO efforts
  • LGBT marketing maintain and update presence on website and in relevant collateral. Pitch stories/itineraries to LGBT publications
  • Partnership with Nomadness Travel Tribe and Evita Robinson for targeted marketing to communities of color

Print Advertising

  • Maintain Detroit brand awareness in Chicago magazine (print and digital executions)

Special Initiatives

  • Launch Great Lakes Passport, a collaboration with other Midwest CVB’s to offer discounts for key attractions to travelers in the form of a passport to encourage visitors from outside the area to consider regional road trips
  • Create Hometown Tourist Program to encourage the return of locals and regional travelers to the Metro Detroit region by offering discounts and deals to key attractions during a one-day trade show event



Focus on Easy to Plan Experiences

  • “Ready to Go” itineraries (leverage events, evergreen destinations, and suburbs).
  • Virtual destination reviews
  • Shift content mix to 50 percent photo and video and 50 percent short-form text.
  • Publish an exclusive photo essay each quarter

Partner Support

  • Allocate 20% of social posts to promoting partner activities with a focus on suburb properties (Facebook)

Social Platforms

  • Heavy promotion of “Ready to Go” itineraries (Facebook)
  • Share The Love-Ongoing photo contest featuring visitor photos (Instagram).
  • Expand Tik-Tok audience by partnering with local influencers






  • Use integrated marketing content to complement existing website content
  • Continue to streamline and reorganize content to make it easier for visitors to plan their next trip


  • Convert magazine to “Detroit Vacation Planning Guide” that will feature members and offer an easy to navigate member listing directory integrated with themed itineraries and event
  • Utilize traveler data and other analytics to guide content development for additional content on and Detroit Vacation Planning guide